Standard Features and Options

Standard Specifications

1. Widths and lengths to customer specifications. 5′, 6′, 6’10”, 7′ and 8′ widths
2. Inside height 6’8” standard on gooseneck models, 6’6″ on bumper pulls
3. Side escape door available either curbside or street side
4. Center partition gate with walk-through door includes Slam latch that opens from the inside or out side
5. Full opening back end gate with slid-by door on the driver sides. Double door available at no extra cost
6. 8′ gooseneck assembly with aerodynamic design to reduce wind resistance
7. Nose gate in gooseneck
8. Side panel layout includes 2-5″ airspaces at the top and 1-2″ airspace at the bottom. No extra cost to close the bottom air space (removable is an optional charge)
9. Two front air vents under the gooseneck
10. All enclosed electrical wiring with connections in a junction box.
11. LED lights, 12 or more running lights plus license plate lights. 4-stop and tail lights. Back up lights available.
12. None skid tongue and groove extruded flooring (aluminum)
13. Break away switch, battery, and safety chains
14. Rear dock bumpers across the lower frame with skid plate.
15. 7000# rubber torsion axles standard on gooseneck models 17′ and longer 4800# on 15′ and on bumper pulls 16′ and longer. 3500# axles on bumper pulls 14′ and smaller
16. Electric Brakes on all wheels (Optional hydraulic brakes available.)
17. Heavy duty landing gear. With wheel on bumper pulls
18. Five heavy-duty wheels with LT235/85R16 radial tires on 7000# axles and higher. 4800# axles and 3500# axles have 15′ radial tires
19. 2-5/16″ adjustable ball coupler on goose neck models, 2″ bulldog on bumper pulls
20. 2 dome lights inside gooseneck models, 1 inside bumper pull

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Special options /features

1. 4800# axles in lieu of 3500 #
2. 7000# in lieu of 4800#
3. 8000# in lieu of 7000#
4. Additional axles 7000# 0r 8000#
5. 10,000# axles
6. E-Z lube axles
7. Hydraulic Brakes

1. G159 Goodyear Tires
2. LT215/75R 16 ply tires
3. Extra tire and wheel
4. Aluminum wheels

1. Extra escape door
2. slid-by gate in lieu of walk-Thursday
3. no walk-thru in standard gate
4. side access door in the nose
5. additional compartment gate
6. roll up door in the rear gate
7. extra cam lock on the rear gate
8. adjustable gate rail

Cover panels
1. smoked lexon inserts
2. aluminum cover panels hinged or bolt on

Double deck option
1. with built in loading ramp
2. with exterior ramp
3. Deck board storage

1. extra lights
2. dual 2-speed landing gear
3. Extra landing gear
4. 3″ ball type hookup
5. hay rack and ladder
6. Tie rail
7. 2-way roof scoops
8. deep nose with king pin hook up
9. Trickle charger for brake away battery

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